Class Registration Tutorial

Tips and Steps

  • Have your list of classes—including sections—ready to enter into MyBradley
  • Log in to MyBradley using your BUnetID and password
  • Click onto “Registration Navigation” on the left-hand side of the page
  • Students can use the “Course Planning Cart” or register for classes individually by clicking onto the “Add/Drop”
  • If using the “Course Planning Cart”, click onto it then “Edit Cart” and select the semester/term (Summer Session I or Spring Semester 2024 for example) the course (COM or CS or M E for example), the course number (101 for example) and the section number (01 for example) and “Add to Cart”. Once all of your courses are added to your cart you must then click “Register From Cart” to register for all classes in your cart.
  • Otherwise, you may add courses individually by scrolling down to and selecting “Add/Drop.”
    • Select a term block (January Interim, Summer or Spring Block 2024)
    • Choose a semester/session (Spring Semester 2024 for example encompasses the full Spring semester)
    • The course (COM or CS or M E for example)
    • Course Number (101 for example)
    • Section Number (01, 03, 04 for example)

For assistance with course registration, contact your academic advisor, your major department, or the Office for Transfer Student Assistance.