Bradley’s drawing program prepares you to be an active educator and creator in the community.

The Bradley Advantage

You can take either of two paths to a drawing degree — a bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The B.A. gives you a background in art history and stylistic evolution, while the B.F.A. allows you to work more intensively in ceramics and another medium of your choice. The B.F.A. is the professional degree preferred if you’re concentrating in studio production. Hands-on drawing courses help you master the medium and develop your creativity. If you’re interested in broadening your career options, you may pair drawing or any other studio concentration with another major. Beyond the classroom, you can participate in professional internships, student art clubs, community art projects and studentā€run campus publications.

Successful Outcomes

Drawing degrees are good preparation for careers as a studio artist, illustrator, animator, architect, designer, art restorer, fine art printmaker, museum curator or gallery preparator. Recent Bradley graduates are pursuing graduate degrees in painting, drawing and printmaking. Others are working at leading universities around the country and art organizations such as the Southern Graphics Council.

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Peoria and Bradley

Bradley and Peoria share much in common — a diverse population, world-class research facilities, outstanding fine arts and entertainment, and a great sense of community. This bond provides our students with unique opportunities for internships, class projects and research.

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