Game Art

Bradley’s game art program develops your ability to create stunning visuals used in video games and other real-time environments.

100% of classes taught by faculty
95% of students gain real-world experience
91% career outcomes rate for 2020-21 graduates - 93% knowledge rate
12 to 1 student faculty ratio

The Bradley Advantage

Game art majors learn the concepts, tools and techniques needed to create dazzling props, environments and characters used in the game design process. As part of your experience, you'll have the opportunity to exhibit your projects at FUSE, the annual Bradley Interactive Media Department showcase at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. You'll also work closely with students and faculty in Bradley’s game design program, recognized as one of the nation’s best by The Princeton Review.

Successful Outcomes

Bradley’s game art program successfully prepares you to enter the workforce. In recent years, nearly all game art students found jobs within six months of graduation, working at places such as Blizzard Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios.

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Peoria and Bradley

Bradley and Peoria share much in common — a diverse population, world-class research facilities, outstanding fine arts and entertainment, and a great sense of community. This bond provides our students with unique opportunities for internships, class projects and research.

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