Bradley’s printmaking program prepares you to be an active educator and creator in the community.

The Bradley Advantage

You can take three paths to a printmaking degree — a bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The B.S. and B.A. gives you a more liberal arts background, while the B.F.A. is considered the Professional Degree pathway, allowing students to focus their efforts as a studio artist, making work shoulder to shoulder with others in a shared setting.  Printmaking practice includes the techniques of etching, engraving, woodcut, linocut, lithography, silkscreen, monotype and combinations of all of these.  The collaborative spirit is a wonderful part of the experience, and the Bradley print studios have all the space and equipment for personal growth and inspiration that one would find in larger programs.  This collaboration includes working with professors and visiting artists.

Successful Outcomes

Printmaking is a vital pursuit for many young artists around the world. Many have found a niche selling their prints in online shops of their own or in the varied and numerous galleries available on the streets or online. There are collaborative print shops in many communities allowing artists to work with presses as members of a community of artists.  Bradley students have found success in graduate programs around the country, many of them finding teaching and museum opportunities once they have attained their advanced degrees.

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Peoria and Bradley

Bradley and Peoria share much in common — a diverse population, world-class research facilities, outstanding fine arts and entertainment, and a great sense of community. This bond provides our students with unique opportunities for internships, class projects and research.

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