Bradley’s cybersecurity major differs from the MIS concentration in cybersecurity in that it has a deeper focus on developing technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in specialties like digital forensics and cryptography. Preparing you to enter the industry with confidence, the major also allows students to explore career opportunities by highlighting the wide range of roles within the cybersecurity field, such as networking, penetration testing, and security awareness training.

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The Bradley Advantage

As privacy and anonymity evolve, so too does the Bradley cybersecurity major. Staying at the cutting edge of a fast-moving industry, students like you have the unique opportunity to learn from experiences such as performing penetration testing at a local business as part of the Bradley Red Team, interning in a variety of industries located throughout the United States, developing hacking skills through the Bradley Cybersecurity Club and networking through the Bradley Information Technology Students (BITS) student organization.

Successful Outcomes

Graduates of the cybersecurity program can expect interesting and challenging job opportunities in a dynamic field. Typical first jobs include cybersecurity specialist, information security analyst, information technology auditor, systems administrator, and junior penetration tester.

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