Bradley ID

Your Bradley QuickCard has a new look! We will start issuing the new QuickCard in June. Your old QuickCard will still work as it always has so there is no need to get a new ID.

Your Bradley University Quick Card is a powerful all-in-one card.

The Quick Card is the official identification of the University, and so much more! It's your key to assigned buildings, classrooms, and labs, and the way to pay for purchases on and off campus. The Quick Card simplifies campus life.

Please Note: The prepaid Discover Debit option of your Bradley ID will be phased out at the end of December 2018.  For those individuals who have a current balance on the Money Network prepaid Discover Debit account, please start taking the appropriate steps to reduce and eventually zero out your account.  The Controller’s Office has Discover Debit card packets available which include checks which can be used to assist you in the closeout process.   If you take advantage of payroll direct deposit to your prepaid Discover Debit card, please make other arrangements for your direct deposit in the payroll office.

The University functionality of the Bradley ID card will not be impacted by the phase out of the prepaid Discover option of the card.  Access to events on campus, door access and access to QuickCash and Meal Plan will still continue to work.

Please continue to check this website for additional information on the phase out process or refer to the Frequently Asked Questions located on the QuickCard website.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Controller’s Office at 677-3463.

At Bradley, it’s the only card you’ll need!

Use your Quick Card all around campus

  • It’s your free access pass to library resources, the fitness center, parking decks and more….
  • Swipe it at the cafeteria to access your pre-paid  meal plan.
  • Buy on the fly by loading your card with Quick Cash. Simply deposit money onto the card. Quick Cash is accepted all over campus and at many local merchants.
  • Pay for copies at the Library using your Quick Cash.
  • Pay for printing at several locations around campus.