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Service Catalog

Password Checker

The Password Checker tool queries passwords against a list of passwords that have been exposed in known data breaches. The Password Checker can be used to validate if a password is allowed to be used for a BUnetID password or to check if a password has been exposed.

Security Awareness and Training

The Training Portal can be accessed at

Tips for Completing Courses

  • Pop-up blockers should allow or be disabled.
  • Ensure your computer meets all System Requirements specified.
  • Third-Party Cookies need to be enabled the first time you take a course and view My Completions.
  • When completing a course click NEXT at the final video. Do not close the window until you see the message that it is OK to close the window.
  • If your recently completed course does not show as completed, wait a minute, and click on the link " refresh the dashboard."

Need Help?

Questions about the content should be directed to the Office of Information Security at 309-677-3041. Technical questions should be directed to the IT Service Desk at 309-677-2964.