Bradley Email

B-Mail (Students)

B-Mail is the official method of University communications for all students. B-Mail is a Google-based (Gmail) program.

  • When you activate your BUnetID, you will automatically be set up with your B-Mail account
  • Your B-Mail address will be and your password will be your BUnetID password
  • Access your B-Mail account through any Web browser
  • Change your BUnetID (B-Mail) password on MyBU (login to MyBU, use the password change channel)

Note: Be aware that sending email to fellow students at instead of will result in a failure to deliver that message.

You are responsible for all official correspondence received via your B-Mail account. It is strongly suggested that you check your Bradley University B-Mail account on a regular basis.



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FSMail (Faculty and Staff Mail)

FSMail and Google Apps for Education are Google based programs and are the official method of University communication for all faculty and staff. This mail system is called FSMail (Faculty and Staff Mail) and accessed by entering in the location bar of any web browser. Two of the major benefits for this system is the large mail storage space per user and the ease for sharing documents.

Contact, Privacy, and Security Information about Google Apps for Education (GAE)



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