At Bradley University, your BUnetID is your user name that uniquely identifies you to campus systems. Your BUnetID provides access to network resources such as electronic mail, MyBradley, MyBU and more. Your BUnetID is usually the first letter of your first name and your last name (i.e. Jimmy Jones’ BUnetID may be jjones).

Things to know about BUnetID

BUnetID Account Creation

A new student BUnetID is created automatically during the admissions process and distributed via Slate. A new employee BUnetID is also auto created once the employee has a verified start date entered in the Human Resources database. This is auto activated during new employee orientation. If you do not know what your BUNetID is or have other questions, contact the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964 for assistance.

Password Changes or Reset

Passwords are set to expire every 365 days. To change your password, follow the instructions on our password change web app.

If you have registered your cell phone number with us, you can reset your password using a code sent to your phone. https://password.bradley.edu/loginmanagement/reset.

Know the answers to your secret questions, but don’t remember your password? You can answer those questions on the password reset page to create a new password.

Forgot your password and the answers to your secret questions and you do not have a registered phone in your possession – come to the Service Desk during business hours. A Bradley ID or government issued photo ID is required.


What do I do if I cannot remember my password?

When you initially set up your password, you should have selected some secret questions and provided answers to them. Provide your BUnetID and answer the questions to reset your password. If you have registered your cell phone number with us, you can reset your password using a code sent to your phone. https://password.bradley.edu/loginmanagement/reset

If you do not remember your password and do not know the answers to your secret questions:

  • On Campus: Go to the Service Desk on the first floor of the Library with your government-issued photo ID and complete a Request for EIA/BUnetID letter to reset your password and set up your secret questions.
  • Off Campus: If you cannot come to campus to complete the request, you can call the Service Desk and a letter can be sent to your address of record.
  • If you need assistance or do not know your BUnetID, contact the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964.

What are the requirements and guidelines for passwords?

We have removed the mixed letter and number complexity requirement and increasing the password expiration interval to 365 days. We are able to do this by checking new passwords against a list of passwords that have been exposed in known data breaches. You can try the new complexity requirements and read the FAQ on the password checker page.

Changing your password while on campus while connected to the network via an Ethernet cable is the recommended method.
Changing your password while connected to systems that require authentication (particularly secure wireless) can lead to complications. If you are connected while changing your password, your wireless network connection may cease to function due to the fact that your login credentials have changed.
We recommend that Windows users log out and back into their machines immediately after changing their passwords.

What is Bradley University Signin Service?

Bradley University Signin Service is a login service that allows you to access multiple password-protected web systems (such as B-Mail and Sakai) after logging in once on a central authentication server. You will be automatically redirected to the signin service login screen when you access one of the supported systems, unless you have already authenticated during your session. If you are done using a web system and log out, you will be taken to the signin service screen where you can go back to the web system you were using without having to enter your credentials again, or you can click the link to fully log out of the authentication service.

Is there a way to see when my password will expire?

Yes, by going to the Change Password app. Here you will see your BUnetID password status which shows last changed date and expiration date. You can change your password at any time. You will also receive an email notification that your password will soon expire every day for seven days prior to your password expiration.

I received an email asking for my BUnetID or account name and password. What should I do?

The only email request that you will receive from Bradley email administrators will be a notification that your BUnetID password is about to expire, and you will be provided with instructions to change it.
If you have responded to any requests for your password, you should log in to MyBU immediately and change it, or contact the Service Desk at (309) 677-2964 for assistance.

I am using mail clients (not a web browser such as Chrome) on a desktop, a laptop and a smart phone to check my email. What should I keep in mind?

If you have more than one device with your BUnetID and password set up to check email or to use BUsecure and you change your password, it is possible that one of the other devices will continue to attempt to connect using your previous password. Please be aware when changing your password of any other devices including mobile devices that you commonly use and change the password on those as well. Most applications will prompt you for this new password when this happens.

I am faculty and have changed my password now I am back on campus and I can’t log in. What do I do?

Access the network via a wired connection on the laptop, this enables the laptop to update the information to what has been changed on the network.

I changed my password and my wireless connection from Mac OS X did not ask me for my new password and I cannot connect. How can I enter my new password?

Open the Utilities folder on your computer. Under the Keychains list in the top left corner, click on login. Next, click on the Passwords option in the Category list in the left hand menu. This will give you a list of all the passwords that the Keychain app has stored on your computer. Find the BUsecure keychain in the list and double click on it to open it. Check the Show Password box on the lower left hand side. The Keychain app will ask you to input computer's password and then click the Allow button. Delete your old password and put in your new one in the Password field. Be sure to Uncheck the Show Password box before closing the Keychain app. You can now connect to BUsecure with your new password stored.

I am going to be away from campus for some time. What should I know?

If you think your password will expire while you’re away, it’s probably better to change it before you leave. However, beware of changing it RIGHT before you leave. If you change it a week or so ahead of time, this may help you remember your new password.

It is not a bad idea to change your password a few days before you leave campus. This will give you time to become accustomed to the new one and possibly avoid password expiration while you are away.

I am using VPN from off campus. What should I keep in mind?

If you are using a VPN client with Windows to connect from off campus and change your password, the cached password on the laptop or desktop does not change.

After changing your password, press CTRL-ALT-DEL if you are using Windows, to lock the computer, then unlock the computer with your new password. This will enable you to stay connected and will change the cached credentials. To install VPN software click here.

When accessing my e-mail I get a Google sign in page, what do I do?

Under certain circumstances, such as if you have just changed passwords, google may prompt you for your password. Enter your newly changed password here.