University Networks

Wired Networking

Securing the network against intruders continues to be a challenge both on and off campus. Network registration is the process of placing your computer into the firewall zone appropriate for your level of responsibility. To provide complete security, it is required that all computers connected to the campus wired network must be registered on the network. If your computer was purchased and installed through Bradley University's Campus Computer Sales, the registration process will be completed for you. You may be asked to register your computer occasionally in order to provide asset management information.

Employee systems are placed in the highest security level, the "working" zone of the firewall. Computer labs and public use computers and printers will be placed in the "learning" zone, with access appropriate for the academic environment.

Wireless Networks

Bradley University offers wireless networking for students, faculty, staff and guests. Wireless networking is by nature a shared medium, and inherently less secure than traditional wired networking. If you need high speed connectivity and high capacity a wired connection is recommended.

All users of the Bradley University network must conform to the policies indicated in the IRT Acceptable Network Usage Policy. Upon connecting to the network, you agree to adhere to additional standards. Violation of any of these standards may result in your immediate disconnection from network services.

Wireless Network Connection

Following are instructions for using BUsecure, the encrypted wireless network on campus, BUguest, Bradley's guest wireless network for the campus community and guests and information regarding BUsponsored, Bradley's wireless network for groups and visitors on campus for an extended period of time.

Connecting to BUsecure

Student, faculty and staff network connection instructions.

  • Provides authenticated, encrypted access
  • Requires a BUnetID
BUsecure Instructions

Connecting to BUguest

Campus guest network connection instructions.

  • Provides basic access to the World Wide Web (http, https) and VPN
  • Guest accounts expire after a period of time
BUguest Instructions

Connecting to BUsponsored

For groups and visitors on campus for an extended stay or those who require more access than http, https and VPN.

  • Requests are to be sent in writing to BUSponsored Request include name of sponsor (must be a university employee), contact number of sponsor, account duration (start and ending dates), name of individual requesting account
  • Submit request at least 5 business days in advance of date access needed