Know Your Card

The full legal name will be printed on the back of the ID card along with the library bar code.

The bottom magnetic stripe is used for campus privileges assigned to the card such as: meal plan, QuickCash, library card, print stations, copiers, and access to buildings and labs as assigned.

Embedded in the card is a smart chip and antennae which allows for a contactless entry at most locations. If the card is bent or damaged, the contactless function will not work.

How to Care for Your Card

Your Quick Card is designed to be used for your entire academic stay with the University given normal usage and will remain active until you graduate or leave the University.

Here are some tips to keep your card in top condition:

  • Never store your ID card in the direct sunlight or expose it to excessive heat.
  • Keep your card protected. Don’t let it get scratched, chipped, cracked, or bent. We recommend carrying your card in a sleeve or keychain cardholder.
  • Do NOT bend, fold, or punch holes into your ID card. Doing so damages the contactless function of the card. Replacement fees will apply.
  • Keep your card away from electromagnetic fields such as microwaves, televisions, telephones, and stereos.
  • Wireless charging stations could damage your card.