We are a group of approximately 100 enthusiastic Bradley students representing a wide range of majors, hometowns, and interests that work together to be ambassadors for the Bradley experience. You may see us giving a tour to a prospective student in our STAR jackets or rocking the red polo shirt during campus visit programs. A symbol of pride, the jacket and polo help identify our tour guide family. We receive extensive training on how to make people feel welcome and share Bradley’s remarkable qualities. We learn a lot about professional communication, marketing and event management. This experience looks pretty good on a resume and we have fun while we learn it.. Bradley’s STARs help build the next generation of Bradley’s student body!

When is the hiring season?

Continuing Students at Bradley: Applications usually become available at the end of fall semester and are due by the end of January. Interviews typically begin around February 1, and we make final decisions by the end of April. Your work commitment will begin in August during the first week of classes.

New Freshman Students at Bradley: If you are interested in becoming a STAR, please have your Admission Counselor submit your name for recommendation. An application will then be mailed to you in May. Interviews are typically held during the summer when students are on campus for a mandatory Summer Orientation session.. Final hiring decisions are announced in August. Your work commitment will also begin in August during the first week of classes. 

What is the hiring process like?

Continuing Students at Bradley: After you submit your application applications, we will invite you to a first-round interview. After first interviews, we invite a select group of applicants back for second-round interviews which requires professional dress. If necessary, we will hold third-round interviews before selecting our new STARs.

New Freshman Students at Bradley: You will be interviewed during your Summer Orientation. Orientation is a three-day event. Interviews are conducted either the morning of the first day or after lunch on the third day, depending on your travel schedule. Your interview will not interfere with any of the Summer Orientation sessions, and there is no dress code requirement for the interview.

When do new hires start working?

Training begins the week that classes begin in August. We have a six-week training program in which STARs learn about every department on campus to be able to give well-informed tours by learning about every department on campus. Because the knowledge of our tour guides is so important, we also conduct a final exam at the culmination of training. STARs are required to pass this exam, or they will not be allowed to continue in the program.

What are the duties of STARs?

In addition to giving tours, other duties include meeting with families individually, participating in evening telemarketing shifts, preparing mailings, answering phones, assisting with daily admission operations, and other office work. STARs also help host Admission events both on campus and off campus. 

What is the time commitment?

After a mandatory training period, our STARs average 2-6 hours per week depending on availability. This may include 1-2 evenings per week and one weekend shift. Academics are our top priority, and we are happy to work around your schedule. Most shifts are scheduled for 1-2 hours at a time. 

Is STARs a paid job?

Yes, STARs are paid the current Illinois minimum wage, $8.25/hr. Before any work begins, you will be required to sign-up for student payroll in our payroll office with the necessary documents they require which can be found at [insert link to payroll].

Can I work as a STAR over breaks?

Yes! STARs who live in or around the Peoria area, or who are staying in Peoria over break, can always find part-time work in the admission office during Bradley’s summer and winter breaks. 

Do STARs only work on campus?

The admission office hosts several off-campus events each semester in St. Louis and the suburbs of Chicago. Sometimes STARs travel to these programs and spend the day talking with prospective students or high school counselors about their Bradley experiences.

Do you hire graduate students as STARs?

No, our office works exclusively with recruiting undergraduate students. Therefore, we do not hire graduate students.

Want to join us?

During our hiring seasons, applications are available at the Visitors Center and online. We accept applications from students entering their freshman year through their senior year. It’s never too early or too late to apply! When available, you can fill out the application and email it to or return it to us at the following address:

Bradley University Admission Office
Attn: Mrs. Cory Craig
1501 W. Bradley Ave, Peoria, IL 61625