Advanced Leadership Development

The Advanced Leadership Development Program is designed as a customizable option for leaders of an organization. Derived from years of experience in working with organizations across a variety of industries both locally and abroad, we have developed an offering that can be customized to take your organization to the next level.

The Advanced Leadership Development Program consists of six leadership skill building sessions coupled with professional coaching. The program examines and develops key competencies essential to effective leadership.

"Through Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP), I am better able to assess a broad range of situations and pull from a larger pool of resources and approaches. Elements such as: self-awareness, reading others, understanding others' style and reacting to situations because of my learned leadership "tool-belt." In addition, the teamwork and trusting relationships, both horizontally and vertically, has improved with the players being more comfortable in having crucial conversations."

Mark B., Plant Manager

Skill Building Sessions

  • The Challenge of Leadership - explore leadership style, identify personal leadership challenges and understand derailment factors.
  • Leadership and Influence - effectiveness is enhanced when leaders understand their preferred influence style and gain insight into other styles which may be more effective based on the situation.
  • Leading through Change - leaders explore their predominant reaction to change and how their style affects team and organizational dynamics.
  • Flexing your Style - utilizing this situational approach to leadership and decision making: the most effective leaders recognize the importance of flexing their leadership style to meet the developmental needs of others.
  • Making Conflict Work for You - analyze how you currently address conflict and become familiar with your own behavior during conflict. Learn and practice the constructive methods for dealing with a delicate issue.
  • Taking Your Team to the Next Level - using results from a team assessment, participants work with peers to improve their team's effectiveness.

The Advanced Leadership Development Program is designed for leaders who have been managers for at least three years with previous leadership development training. The focus of the program is strategic with an emphasis on those leadership skills most likely to foster success in today's fast paced, ever changing environment.