Leadership Development Program

Managing others within a leadership role brings a unique set of challenges that most have not been equipped with the skills to handle effectively. The Leadership Development Program is designed to reinforce positive communication and effective leadership skills to improve leadership within your team and organization.

What We Offer

This program includes a six module leadership skill building program coupled with six professional coaching sessions per class member. Training current and future leaders will ensure your key employees have the skills needed to be effective as leaders. When skill-building is coupled with coaching, productive behaviors are reinforced and significant developmental results are achieved.

Your employees and your organization will immediately benefit from improved leadership and communication skills. In addition, our facilitators will take the time to meet with key members of your organization to gain understanding of your business and culture in order to tailor the program to fit your organizational needs and goals.

Learning Modules

  1. Motivating Others - learn to apply basic human motivation principles
  2. Supporting Change - learn how to lead employees through the challenge of change
  3. Embracing Conflict - learn 5 conflict styles and understand the importance of inter-departmental communication
  4. Engaging Teams - learn to assess the effectiveness of your team and identify issues that need discussion to improve synergy
  5. Selecting Candidates - learn behavioral and situational interviewing techniques and prepare an onboarding development plan for new hires
  6. Improving Performance - understand performance review practices and how to work with others to develop their goals