Managing Effective Organizations

Managing Effective Organizations is a customizable, project-driven program designed for high-potential individuals. The program functions to transition current supervisors to the manager levelby providing the foundation for managerial effectiveness in the global business environment. The program gives supervisors the concepts and analytical tools essential to manage across functional areas of business and to achieve superior organizational performance over the long term. Although the delivery model varies per client preference, Managing Effective Organizations typically consists of five modules. The program includes 40 four-hour sessions totaling 116 hours of contact and culminates with project presentations that ensure the transfer of learning and increase value to the organization.

Program Detail

Module I: The Economic Environment of Business

  • Economic Revolution: The New Economy
  • Industry Structure and Measures of Industry Concentration
  • Cost and Capacity, Value and Profit, Optimal Quality
  • Price and Profit, Mass Customization, Oligopoly
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Economic Growth and the Global Environment

Module II: Financial Management

  • Financial Analysis – Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Financial Analysis & Code of Conduct
  • Capital Budgeting & Cash Flow
  • Capital Budgeting Tools
  • Cost of Capital & Risk Analysis
  • International Finance

Module III: Organizational Management

  • Management from the Enterprise View
  • Engaging People for Performance
  • Culture: Why It Really Matters
  • Leadership: Pure & Simple
  • Global Diversity

Module IV: Marketing Management

  • A Market Driven Perspective
  • Value Creation & Competitive Advantage
  • Understanding Customer Satisfaction
  • Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
  • Product Life Cycle, Portfolio Analysis, and Choice of Marketing Strategy
  • Leveraging the Supply Chain to Meet Customer Needs

Module V: Planning & Strategy

  • Mastering the Future
  • Understanding Competition
  • One More Time … What Is Strategy?
  • The Corporate Instrument Panel
  • Innovating Value
  • Strategic Fit