Needs Analysis


Needs Discovery

Our customization process sets us apart. We start by listening. The Center for Professional Excellence faculty and staff take the time to understand your business strategy, corporate culture, and the constraints and opportunities in your industry. Working with your management team, we can help identify your development objectives and offer solutions.


Design a Solution

Once your strategic development objectives are identified, The Center for Professional Excellence faculty, staff, and your stakeholders create the learning objectives and program structure. Our faculty develop program content, learning materials, and identify supplemental cases and videos. You may also choose to utilize your leadership to deliver some company-specific content. We ensure that in every customized program, participants have the opportunity to apply concepts to company specific, high-priority opportunities.



The Center for Professional Excellence meets with stakeholders to present the solution in detail and ensure that your objectives have been met.


Pilot Program

After receiving your feedback and making adjustments, we pilot the program. We encourage stakeholders to participate in the pilot delivery to offer suggestions for improvement. This gives them a deeper understanding of the program and the value it offers future participants.


Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

During the evaluation process, we seek to determine if the strategic program objectives have been met. We give participants the opportunity to provide daily feedback. Participants also evaluate each module and the overall program. We take the evaluation process seriously; the evaluation and continuous improvement phase sets the course for future offerings.


Continued Offerings

To affect organizational change, a program must become part of your organizational culture. Working together, we can develop a process for ongoing deliveries and address other learning gaps in your organization as they arise.