Investigator: “The project director or principal Investigator and any other person, regardless of title or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of”1 both active or proposed externally-funded projects. Examples of other persons, include, but is not limited to co-investigators, co-directors, collaborators, consultants, and subgrantees.

Significant Financial Interest (“SFI”): “Consisting of one or more of the following interests of the investigator (and those of the investigator’s spouse and dependent children) that reasonably appears to be related to the Investigator's institutional responsibilities”1 1 in the 12 months prior to disclosure including:

  • Remuneration from an outside entity exceeding $5,000
  • ANY equity interest in a non-publicly traded entity
  • Equity interests in publicly traded entities exceeding a value of $5,000
  • Intellectual property rights exceeding $5,000
  • Reimbursed travel expenditures from a single entity exceeding $5,000

Institutional Responsibilities: “An Investigator's professional responsibilities on behalf of the Institution, and as defined by the Institution in its policy on financial conflicts of interest, which may include for example: activities such as research, research consultation, teaching, professional practice, institutional committee memberships, and service on panels such as Institutional Review Boards or Data and Safety Monitoring Boards.”1