Evaluation, Assessment, and Logic Model Resources

Creating an effective and practical evaluation/assessment section of your proposal is extremely important. We recommend you identify an experienced evaluator early in your grant writing process and work with them to develop a plan. When writing objectives/aims, always consider how you will determine if you have achieved goal. Below are some resources for identifying and preparing an evaluation plan.

Logic Model – Logic models are a commonly used tool for organizing a proposal and preparing an assessment plan. The basic premise of a logic model is: If we receive the requested resources to conduct the described activities, we will generate the following outputs that will allow us to assess our effectiveness for achieving the desired outcomes. Some agencies require the inclusion of a logic model in the proposal.

Resource for Identifying Evaluators

  • American Evaluation Association Provides a database of evaluators who are members of the Association.
  • ATECentral – Map with individuals who have or are currently serving as evaluators for the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program
  • Some regional universities also have offices that will provide services to organizations outside of their institution.
  • University of Illinois Chicago Prairie Group

Publications and Websites Related to Evaluation/Assessment