Current and Pending Support Disclosure

To adhere to Federal and institutional policies, individuals seeking external funding (grants, contracts, or other sponsored program agreements) must disclose existing funding for the activities listed below using the University’s Current and Pending (C&P) form, the C&P form provided by the funding organization, or a C&P form created using SciENcv. The C&P form is to be uploaded as an attachment with the associated DocSoup transmittal form.

Items that must be included on a Current and Pending Form1

  • Paid consulting that falls outside of an individual’s appointment; separate from institution’s agreement 
  • Current and pending support: All R&D projects currently under consideration from whatever source, and all ongoing projects, irrespective of whether support is provided through the proposing organization, another organization, or directly to the individual, and regardless of whether the support is direct monetary contribution or in-kind contribution (e.g., office/laboratory space, equipment, supplies, or employees)
  • Current or pending participation in, or applications to, programs sponsored by foreign governments, instrumentalities, or entities, including foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment programs
  • In-kind contributions not intended for use on the project/proposal being proposed
  • Visiting scholars funded by an entity other than own institution
  • Students and postdoctoral researchers funded by an entity other than own institution
  • Travel supported/paid by an entity other than own institution to perform research activities with an associated time commitment 

The above items are direct quotes from Guidance for Implementing National Security Presidential Memorandum 33 (Nspm-33) on National Security Strategy for United States Government-Supported Research and Development, January 2022,