Bradley University’s Faculty-Led Interim Programs Abroad are Back!

We are happy to offer limited-enrollment programs for January 2022.

Classes Available

  ART 300: Creative Strategy (Graphic Design)

  Dr. Gary Will


  COM 300: Communication Theory

  Prof. Christopher Marsh


  ETE 280 Exploring Diversity: Learners, Families, and Communities (BCC WC)

  Dr. Patricia Nugent


  ENG 302 Travel Writing (BCC W2)

  Department of English


  KHS 380 Disability and Health in a Global Society (GP/WC, Writing Intensive)

  Dr. Melissa Peterson


  LAS 325 (BCC GP/GS) / PLS 302 / IS 475 U.S.-British Relations

  Dr. Christopher Jones, Professor of Political Science


  NUR 433/533 International Health and Nursing

  Dr. Deborah Erickson


  THE 131 Introduction to Theatre (BCC FA) or THE 494: Theatre Expedition

  Prof. Chad Lowell

NOTE: $275 surcharge for theatre tickets.


Program Details

   January 1 - 16, 2022

Comprehensive fee of $4,100 includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare
  • Tuition (3 credit hours) AND textbooks
  • Twin room with private bath and breakfast daily
  • International Student Identity Card
  • City tour, London guidebook, and transportation pass for your entire stay, so you can enjoy your new knowledge of the city!
  • Class-related visits to museums, galleries, sites of cultural and historical significance, and more!

Online Pre-Registration (required)

Begins April 1 on

Once you have pre-registered, we will provide you with information about payments, deadlines, required documents, and the mandatory Fall Orientation.

For more information about a course, write the professor.

NOTE: A minimum 2.5 BU GPA is required to enroll in any Bradley University program abroad (transfer students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA posted at Bradley before they can register).