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  ART 300 Creative Strategy for Graphic Design

  Prof. Gary Will

This popular course complements the existing Graphic Design program within the Department of Art and Design. It will ultimately enlighten and educate students on the fundamentals of creative strategy and execution and its application within Graphic Design, through intensive hands-on exercises and experiential learning opportunities with London based companies and related venues.

ART 300 counts as a studio art elective, and will also generate additional projects towards senior portfolios, while encouraging students to work both individually and in teams. Students taking this course will learn to utilize a unique set of creative thinking ’tools’ presented to them as a central part of the Creative Strategy syllabus.

Prerequisite: ART 305. Graphic Design majors will be given priority for seats on this course, followed by minors, (juniors and seniors only).


  New Course!
BUS 340/EGT 340 (MI) Sustainability: Business and Engineering Perspectives (MI)

  Prof. Joshua Lewer and Prof. Kerrie Schattler

Learn about sustainability, one of the hottest topics in business and engineering, while visiting eco-friendly sites, enjoying presentations and tours delivered by some of the leading green companies, and immersing yourself in the sustainable ecosystem that is London! Topics will include renewable resources – air and climate, water, agriculture and food, forests, wildlife and biodiversity, clean energy and fuel. Stakeholder interests and choices – strategies and frameworks, roles of consumer, corporation, government. Strategies for a sustainable future- reporting, measurement and standards, carbon markets, sustainable cities and communities, green marketing and jobs. Site visits to eco-friendly places across London. Presentations and tours by sustainable corporate companies and government/city planning and engineering agencies. Join us for this pioneer course!


  COM 300 Communication Theory (WI)

  Prof. Dakota Horn


  ENG 302 Travel Writing (BCC W2)

  Department of English

There is no place like London! Famously, the great Samuel Johnson wrote that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford.” Energetic and diverse, rich in history, culture, and all of the things that make life interesting, London is the ideal place to discover and develop your skills as a travel writer. In this course, you will explore London (with the class and independently) and use your experiences and curiosity as a traveler to write engaging essays and narratives that include and combine research, analysis and critical reflection. Prerequisites: ENG 101 or CIV 111-112 and junior standing.


  ETE 280 Exploring Diversity: Learners, Families, And Communities (BCC WC)

  Prof. Patricia Nugent

You will have many opportunities to see the sights and diverse opportunities offered in London. We will see London and connect with its cultural diversity through scavenger hunts, ethnic restaurants, talking to people who live in the area, visiting the British Museum, Tower of London and other destinations throughout the city. This course uses critical theory to look at the socialization and enculturation of learners in the context of their families, communities, and cultures in the USA and UK. In this Core Curriculum (WC) course, you will be challenged to investigate the socialization and enculturation of learners in the context of their families, communities, and cultures. Awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity, whether resulting from cultural or ability differences is discussed. Emphasis is on communication with key partners in the educational process and identification of services to assist families. Professional advocacy that supports an inclusionary, multicultural, antiracist, democratic, non-sexist, and global curriculum will be analyzed.


  KHS 380, Disability and Health in a Global Society (BCC GP/WC, WI Writing Intensive)

  Prof. Melissa Peterson

Explore issues affecting individuals with disabilities, using the museums, shops, restaurants, and public transport of London as your textbook. You'll learn how ideas about health, illness, and disability have evolved by visiting museums, libraries, and healthcare facilities rich in artifacts accumulated over centuries. How would an individual with a mobility limitation travel through London for work, school, or leisure? You'll learn firsthand by planning a trip using the London Underground's accessible routes. Finally, we'll explore the differences and similarities between the US and the UK in health care availability, education, cultural practices, and the physical environment. This course fulfills the BCC GP / WC Area of Inquiry AND the WI (Writing Intensive) requirement.


  THE 131 Introduction to Theatre (BCC FA) or THE 494: Theatre Expedition

  Prof. Chad Lowell or Prof. Daniel Matisa

Note: this course requires a $275 surcharge for theatre tickets, and worth every penny!

Program Details

   Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023 – Monday, Jan. 15, 2024

Comprehensive fee of $4,300 includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Chicago O'Hare
  • Tuition and textbooks (!)
  • Twin room with private bath and breakfast daily
  • Guided half-day city coach tour, London guidebook, and transportation pass for your entire stay, so you can enjoy your new knowledge of the city!
  • PLUS! A Night at the Theatre AND! class-related visits to museums, galleries, cultural and historical sites, & more!

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NOTE: a 2.50 minimum Bradley GPA is required to pre-register. If you are a transfer student who has not yet recorded a Bradley GPA but wants to register, write us at

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