Jim Muncy

Jim Muncy

Professor, Marketing

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4152
    (309) 677-3482



Jim Muncy's earned his Ph.D. in marketing from Texas Tech University. His research focuses on social and ethical aspect of consumer behavior. He also conducts research on the impact of scholarly research on advertising and consumer behavior theory. He has published articles in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Advertising Research, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Current Issues in Advertising, Journal of Marketing Education, Marketing Education Review, and other marketing journals. He has also published two books.


  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Strategy


Selected Recent Publications

  • Muncy, J. A., Eastman, J. K., & Iyer, R. & Jain, V. (2023), The Journal of Consumer Behaviour’s first 20 years. Journal of Consumer Behaviour (forthcoming).
  • Muncy, J. A. and Iyer, R. (2023) Anti-consumers, pro-consumers, and two social paradigms of consumption. In H. Cherrier & M. S. Lee (Eds.), Anti-consumption: Exploring the Opposition to Consumer Culture. Taylor & Francis.
  • Muncy, J. A., Eastman, J. K., & Iyer, R. (2022). The journal of advertising’s first 50 years. Journal of Advertising, 51(2), 136-152.
  • Muncy, J. A., & Iyer, R. (2021). Antiā€consumer ethics: What consumers will not do for ethical reasons. Strategic Change, 30(1), 59-65.
  • Muncy, J. A., & Iyer, R. (2020). The impact of the implicit theories of social optimism and social pessimism on macro attitudes towards consumption. Psychology & Marketing, 37(2), 216-231.
  • Muncy, J. A., Muncy, A. M. (2020). Business Research Process. In Michael Hitt (Ed.), Oxford Encyclopedia of Business and Management. Oxford University Press. https://doi.org/10.1093/acrefore/9780190224851.013.215


  • Past Executive Director of the Association for Consumer Research
  • Current or past Editorial Review Board member of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Advertising, and Psychology & Marketing.