Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

Turner Center Overview:

In every business venture, there is always some element of risk. Risk from within the industry. Risk from competition. And from outside forces.

At The Robert & Carolyn Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, we have the collective knowledge and resources to assist small or start-up businesses in creating a plan that minimizes risk and takes advantage of opportunities. Which is why we are able to create strategies that help our clients understand the moves and all their consequences.

It's because we understand that to be successful, you not only have to know what the right move is, you have to know when to make it.

The Turner Center for Entrepreneurship is a not-for-profit program located at Bradley University. The centers which make up the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship provide business counseling, technical assistance, training, and educational activities for individuals interested in owning their own businesses. We not only work with individuals in the community, but also with students hoping to start their own businesses. We also help existing entrepreneurs and businesses who want to expand or take advantage of new opportunities and technologies, are interested in marketing their products and services internationally, or are seeking to commercialize new products and technologies.

At the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, we understand that every company faces risks. Together, we work with our clients to determine what those risks are and assist in creating a strategy that effectively counters them. A strategy that shows them how to make the right move at the right time. A strategy for success.

December 2019

Tue, December 10 Starting a Business in Illinois: 3pm - 5pm:  PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center

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Online Training

We have two options for Online Training:

  • Classes focus on everything from Accounting to Writing
    Classes last for 6 weeks and start on the 3rd Wednesday
    of each month.  Most classes are only $99.


  • Self-paced courses on everything from Accounting,
    Leadership, Etiquette, and Quickbooks.
    3-months free trial and $24.95 per month after that
    for unlimited access to all training.