Finance Student Takes Flight

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December 19, 2013

By Sarah Marshall, '15

Max Bromley, a finance major, was the first student to experience an internship with The Foster College of Business Global Scholars program in Sydney, Australia. He spent eight weeks working 40 hours per week for BT Finance. He was assigned the internship by major after interviewing with Natasha Ager, The Sydney Residential Advisor. 

The program cost of $5,975 covers four hours of tuition, usually a one-hour internship and three- hour independent study, accommodations, airport pick-up, and orientations while in Australia. There are scholarships available through the Smith Career Center and depending on the student’s major, there may be other scholarships offered through their departments. 

One of the most challenging aspects of the trip for Bromley was realizing that he would be in a place that was so far from home, and he worried he would not be prepared for his internship, especially because he was so young, going from his sophomore to junior year. 

Despite his worries, Bromley tackled the opportunity with an open mind. He enjoyed optional weekend trips to places like the Cairns where students can scuba dive or go bungee jumping in a rainforest.

“The biggest benefit for me,” said Bromley, “was the international experience, being somewhere new and experiencing both the work place environment and the independence of being completely on my own.”

Bromley encourages any student who is interested to go. He enjoyed being the only student from Bradley to go Australia because it allowed him to branch out and meet new people. In the future, the program hopes to send larger groups to Australia.

“The program enables students to have an impactful international experience early on in their careers, an opportunity most people don’t have until mid-career,” said Jim Foley, international programs director.

Foley hopes more students will join the program for Summer 2014. The program is recommended for students of most majors who are going to be juniors or seniors in Spring 2014. Foley urges anyone who is interested to send him an e-mail. Other information can be found on the website,, or through the Global Scholars page,