Business Administration

In order to serve non-business students interested in eventually obtaining an M.B.A., or who desire a limited background in business in order to facilitate their personal career plans, the Foster College of Business offers a minor in Business Administration.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 21 hrs.

  • ECO 100 - Principles of Economics - 3 hrs.
  • ATG 157 - Accounting Principles - Financials - 3 hrs..
  • MIS 173 - Management Information Systems and Business Applications - 3 hrs.
  • FIN 322 - Business Finance - 3 hrs.
  • M L 350 - Managing for Results in Organizations - 3 hrs.
  • MTG 315 - Principles of Marketing - 3 hrs.
  • FCB Elective - Any FCB course - 3 hrs. - excluding the following: BUS 100, BUS 220, FIN 220, MTG 150, MTG 205, ATG 101

Students must achieve a GPA of 2.0 (C) in the Foster College of Business hours required in the minor. Students must successfully complete at least the equivalent of MTH 114. Students are strongly advised to complete their math requirement in their first two years. A minimum of 12 hours for the minor must be taken at Bradley University, including FIN 322, ML 350, and MTG 315. Written approval must be obtained from the Dean of the Foster College of Business prior to taking any business courses at another institution.

Students who elect to minor in Business Administration must declare their intention by completing the appropriate forms in the Foster College of Business. Students must have a declared major and minimum of a 2.0 grade point average. Students who minor in Business Administration must meet the requirements for the minor in force at the time the minor is declared, and they must be approved by the Dean of the Foster College of Business prior to enrolling in the program. The dean must also approve recording the completion of the minor on the transcript. Transfer policies for minors are the same as those for majors