Business Exploration Program

Can’t decide which business major is best for you? By enrolling in Bradley’s Business Exploration Program, you’ll learn about a variety of business disciplines before you decide on a major.  

One of the first classes you’ll take is Contemporary Business, which gives you an overview into this exciting world. You’ll also explore the Foster College of Business’ ten majors and 15 minors to help determine which is the best fit for you.  

The classes you take in your first two years will fulfill many of the requirements of the Business Core. By your junior year, you’ll have experienced a variety of business disciplines to help you choose your path. If multiple areas interest you, our curriculum allows you to earn a double major or add a minor or two, all within four years.    

As you work toward choosing your major(s), we have many resources available to help you. Along with a faculty adviser, you’ll have access to faculty from any of our majors you’d like to pursue. You can also take one of the many workshops available throughout the year to help you stay on track and to answer any questions you may have.