Global Scholars

In today’s global economy, businesses in every part of the world require employees who can readily adapt to new challenges, different cultures and diverse ways of thought. Coursework for the Foster College of Business’ Global Scholars Program has been designed to broaden students’ perspective by providing enhanced preparation for careers in a global marketplace. Topics and issues taught both on Bradley’s campus and in international environments will develop within students a capacity to assess international business opportunities and to understand business in the context of different cultures.

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Global Scholar Students Photo 1
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The Global Scholar Program is open to all business majors. This designation provides:

  • Recognition by the dean of the college and citation at the Foster College of Business Honors Banquet
  • Recognition on the student’s transcript as having achieved the Global Scholars designation
  • Opportunity to study abroad as early as a student’s sophomore year with introductory study abroad programs in China or India
  • Seminars with experienced international business leaders
  • Social interaction with guest speakers, Bradley alumni, and international students

Program Requirements


  • IBI 101: International Intellectual and Cultural Events
  • IB 204/ 205 : China/ India trip (Requirement waived if student does a full semester study abroad)
  • IB 206: Introduction to International Business

Select from one of the following:

  • IB 302 – Global Trade
  • IB 323/ FIN 323 – International Financial Management
  • ECO 355 – Supply Chain Economics
  • MTG 388 – Global Supply Chain
  • IB 309/ ECO 390 – International Monetary Economics
  • IB 391/ ECO 391 – International Trade
  • ATG 461/ ATG 561 – International Accounting


Select one from the approved list from Bradley’s core curriculum courses in Global Perspectives, Humanities, or Multidisciplinary.

Global Scholars Point Earning Activities

65 points needed for IB majors, 50 points for all other FCB majors

  • Complete a language major – 40 pts.
  • Pass the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) exam – 35 pts.
  • Full semester study abroad (Waives requirement for IB204 or IB205, but then cannot be used for points) – 30 pts.
  • Complete a language minor – 30 pts.
  • International Internship (varies on case-by-case basis and must be approved GS Director or Coordinator) – 25 pts.
  • Complete a second Bradley led study abroad program (January term, May term, or second, I B 204 / 205) – 20 pts.
  • Substantive participation in an International Business case competition – 17 pts.
  • International Community Service trip (varies on a case-by-case basis and must be approved by GS Director or Coordinator) – 12 pts.
  • One semester foreign language (maximum two semesters for 16 points) – 8 (16) pts.
  • Each year serving as a Global Scholars Ambassador. Active participation confirmed by the Global Scholars Coordinator (maximum 24 points) - 8 (24) pts.
  • Each year serving as an elected board position on FCB Global Business Association (GBA) and approval by GBA President in consultation with GBA Adviser (maximum 24 points) - 8 (24) pts.
  • Globally focused honors seminar (with approval by GS Director or Coordinator) - 8 pts.
  • Each committee led for Global Scholars as determined and approved by GS Coordinator (maximum 24 points) - 4 - 8 (24) pts.
  • Each year serving on the executive board of a culturally focused club (e.g. ALAS, etc.) (maximum 8 points) - 4 pts.
  • Attendance at pre-approved FCB Global Scholar lectures or events - 2 - 4 pts.
  • Participation in Global scholars committee or planning an international-related event (PAWAC, Activities Fair, etc.) (maximum 24 points) - 2 – 7 (24) pts.