The Gallery Program at Bradley University is designed to create a challenging environment that stimulates discourse among students, faculty, staff and the public as they explore the range of ideas addressed in contemporary art. It is our mission to serve as a creative hub and to act as a facilitator in the generation, presentation, and distribution of creative research. Admission is always free and open to the public.

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The Mirror Without a Memory

Lisa Nelson Raabe art show

Bradley Sculpture Exhibition

Lisa Nelson Raabe art show

Magnum Opus

Lisa Nelson Raabe art show

Senior Graphic Design Exhibition

Lisa Nelson Raabe art show

Sublime Idioms

Lisa Nelson Raabe art show

Lisa Nelson Raabe is a collage artist who creates an emotional sense of place by using pigments, metal filings, glass, bits of nature and thread in combination with acrylic mediums to transform color and texture. Using both flexible and solid surfaces, the pieces hang in space or are mounted on the wall as images.

The works exhibited in Sublime Idioms are investigations, questions and answers in search of a balance between the everyday and the substantive esoteric. I offer an internal world of presence seen and felt through a density of physical materials and structured line. My aim is to engender wonder and something beyond oneself as a tool to cultivate calm, self acceptance, joy and peace within a deeply receptive openness to the unexplained randomness of the everyday. As Thomas Merton is quoted, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Out The Other Side

A Post-Pandemic Celebration?

Finally, we are able to present both in-person exhibitions in our galleries as well as our Visual Voices guest lecture series for the Fall 2021 semester (and beyond). And what better way to launch the new academic year than with a faculty exhibition featuring art from Faculty, Adjuncts and Emeritus.

2021 Student Portfolios

The Department of Art and Design and Bradley University Galleries are proud to present our 2021 Student Portfolios. Please visit the exhibition website to view the work of our MFA, BFA, Photography and Graphic Design students.

Seen but not Felt

Seen but not Felt is a virtual exhibition borne out of the impact Covid-19 has had on our society. Featuring the artwork of 14 artists, the artworks inhabits the floor plane, stretching from wall to wall and up to windows. To view the exhibition and video tour please visit:

Paul Krainak
Sample Chapters: A Virtual Exhibition

Sample Chapters is virtual exhibition featuring the artwork of Professor Emeritus Paul Krainak. To view the exhibition, view the video tour, and learn more about the artist please visit:

Cyle Metzger

Cyle Metzger

Assistant Professor of Art in Residence (Art History) and Coordinator, University Galleries, Exhibitions and Collections

    Heuser Art Center 106
    (309) 677-2989

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