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Kinesiology and Health Science

The kinesiology and health science major gives you the academic and professional foundation you need to pursue graduate school and physical therapy licensure. As a freshman kinesiology and health science major, you can apply for early assurance of admission to Bradley's DPT program.

Preparing You For Success

You build a strong foundation in health, wellness and physiology knowledge that prepares you for a career in physical therapy or other health fields. Your learning doesn't end with classroom readings and lectures on health-related topics. It extends to internships, research projects and hands-on experiences around Peoria.

By the time you graduate, your experiences include:

  • Strong relationships with your professors and classmates in small classes
  • A required minor, which can be biology, health, business, neuroscience, leadership or anything else you might choose
  • Research projects you can present to the public at Bradley's year-end research showcase
  • Professional development and networking through student organizations like Wags For Mags, Health Science Organization and Alpha Epsilon Delta honor society
  • Hands-on learning through internships and professional class projects for organizations such as OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and the Central Illinois Chapter of Easter Seals

Making Your Mark

Almost all kinesiology and health science students pursue graduate degrees and find careers as physical therapists, physician assistants, occupational therapists, optometrists, medical physicians, chiropractors, athletic trainers or public health administrators. Among Illinois health science programs, Bradley has the highest percentage of students admitted to DPT programs.

Many undergraduates choose to go on to pursue Bradley's doctorate of physical therapy program, which boasts a 97 percent first-time pass rate on the national licensure exam.

If you go straight to the workforce, you can find a job in medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, health and fitness management, and other fitness industry positions.

Major Requirements

Required Courses - 65 hrs.

  • BIO 111 and 113: Introduction to Cell Biology - 4 hrs.
  • BIO 112 and 114: Introduction to Ecology and Evolution - 4 hrs.
  • BIO 230 and 231: Human Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 hrs.
  • BIO 232 and 233: Human Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 hrs.
  • CHM 110 and 111: General Chemistry I - 4 hrs.
  • CHM 116 and 117: General Chemistry II - 5 hrs.
  • CHM 302: Medical Terminology - 1 hr.
    or NUR 391: Medical Terminology - 1 hr.
  • HS 310: Statistical Procedures in Health Science - 3 hrs.
    or PSY 205: Quantitative Methods - 3 hrs.*
  • ENC 370: Human Relations Development Techniques - 2 hrs.
  • ENC 375: Human Relations Development Laboratory - 1 hr.
  • ETE 402: Educational Methods, Strategies and Evaluation Techniques - 3 hrs.
  • FCS 303: Nutrition - 3 hrs.
  • HS 110: Introduction to Health Science - 1 hr.
  • HS 320: Exercise Physiology - 3 hrs.
  • HS 460: Kinesiology - 3 hrs.
  • HS 480: Motion Analysis - 3 hrs.
  • ML 250: Interpersonal Effectiveness in Organizations - 2 hrs.
    or ML 350: Managing for Results in Organizations - 2 hrs.
  • MTH 115: Brief Calculus With Applications I - 4 hrs.
    or 121: Calculus I - 4 hrs.
  • PHY 107: General Physics I - 4 hrs.
  • PHY 108: General Physics II - 4 hrs.
  • PSY 101: Principles of Psychology - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose two) - 5-6 hrs.

  • HS 220: Consumer Issues in Health Care - 3 hrs.
    or FCS 220: Consumer Issues in Health Care - 3 hrs.
  • NUR 217: Men's Health Issues - 2 hrs.
  • NUR 219: Women's Health Issues - 3 hrs.

*Kinesiology and health science students will take HS 310 unless they are pursuing a neuroscience minor.

Kinesiology and health science majors are required to take a minor, chosen in consultation with advisors in the Physical Therapy department and in the minor department.