Student Reserves Information

How to Borrow Reserves Materials

  • You must have a valid Bradley ID to use the reserves materials.
  • Use the library catalog to locate the desired item.
  • Give your Quick Card to the Reserves Desk student. They will charge the item to you based on its reserve type.

Reserves Types

The professor establishes the reserve type for each item. Reserves materials cannot be renewed and must be returned when due to avoid fines.

  • 4-HOUR CLOSED: You may use these items for four hours within the library.
  • 1-DAY: You may check these materials out of the library. They are due at the same time the next day.

How to Return Materials

  • Please return materials on time so they are available for all class members to use.
  • Return all reserves items to the Reserves Desk or after hours in the outside drop slot by the front entrance.
  • Items returned elsewhere may result in fines if they are overdue when they reach the Reserves Desk.


4-hour Reserves $15.00 per hour fine. Maximum fine --$30.00.
1-day Reserves $15.00 per hour fine. Maximum fine --$30.00

Borrowing privileges will be suspended if you owe $5.00 or more in overdue charges.

Charges for lost items will include:

  • Replacement costs
  • Fines