Trial Databases

The Cullom-Davis Library regularly provides access to databases and resources on a trial basis. Please feel free to explore the resources and provide your feedback to the library if you believe we would benefit from purchasing a specific resource:

Nursing Reference Center Plus

A nurse’s time is a prized commodity, and in order to provide the best care possible, they need to quickly find the right answers to their clinical questions every time. With Nursing Reference Center Plus, an evidence-based information resource designed by nurses for nurses, users can do just that. Unmatched in scope, nurses turn to Nursing Reference Center Plus for all their practice, education and research needs.

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Rehabilitation Reference Center

Rehabilitation Reference Center is an evidence-based, point-of-care information resource designed for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and sports medicine professionals. With Rehabilitation Reference Center, users can access the most current information in their specialty so they can provide the best care to their patients.

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Berg Fashion Library

Winner of the Dartmouth Medal, Berg Fashion Library is the ultimate interdisciplinary resource for students, instructors, and researchers of global fashion and dress. It presents the adornment of the body in its anthropological and historical contexts to support a wide range of visual arts and humanities disciplines.

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