Visitor Parking

Visitor parking spaces on campus are designated for individuals attending special University sponsored workshops/seminars/events or for individuals conducting business with the University.  Visitor parking spaces can also be used by guests visiting a student or University employee during the day.  A visitor/guest is defined as anyone other than a student or employee of Bradley University or an employee of Barnes & Noble, ARAMARK, or University contractor.  Vehicles registered with the University through the Parking system are not permitted to park in a designated visitor parking space. 

The Visitor Parking lot at the Intersection of Duryea Place and St. James is the primary location for visitor parking on campus.  The Visitor Parking lot has controlled access and egress.  To exit the Visitor Parking lot, an individual will need to use a quarter to activate the parking arm mechanism. Parking tokens are only being used on a limited basis for large groups of visitors/guests. A Department/ College/ Center/ Division may request parking tokens from General Services, 100 Macmillan Hall, in quantities of 40 or more at $0.25 per token.  The cost of tokens will be charged to the respective University account for the unit making the request.