Bradley’s Big Idea Competition Showcases Student Innovations

Some Bradley University students are turning their big ideas into real businesses. Bradley University’s Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation hosted 25 student business projects in the Trade Show round of the 2023 Big Idea Competition. Faculty, staff and members of the community were all invited to vote for their favorite business venture to help choose the next Big Idea winner.

All the votes are added to the judges’ evaluation and will help to determine the best projects to go to the finals of the competition in April.

Big Idea is the main business competition at Bradley University, open to all students from all majors and years, competing for $15,000 in cash awards. It is a unique opportunity for students to receive mentorship, networking opportunities and resources to help with the often tricky first steps of entrepreneurial endeavors.

The following are the 25 student ideas showcased in the Trade Show round, including a brief description of each venture.

N.I.M.H. will prevent clinical errors due to procedures interruptions through a tool that teaches specific critical strategies for novice nursing and other healthcare professionals to better handle error-prone situations and create a safer environment for both professionals and patients.

Valid is a third-party entity that provides a platform for homeowners and contractors to send and receive payments for remodeling work. This service will reduce the frequent payment vs quality issues between parties. Valid will hold the homeowners' deposit until both parties agree with the service provided.

Sewsation is a platform that provides clothing repair services through a qualified network of tailors in the community. Through Sewsation, anybody can earn a living by acquiring the proper training to become a certified tailor. At the Trade Show, Sewsation will provide free minor garment repair services to the first 10 customers.

Fowl Play is an action-adventure video game where the player follows the hero Cluck Norris to overcome its enemies like the Rat King and the House Cat, snakes, bats and a raccoon. Kids coming to the Trade show will taste the game through the beta version of the game.

Simple Moving & Storage is a moving company for college students. All students struggling with moving out of campus during the Summer break every year, especially international students, will have their problems solved. During the Trade Show, visitors can face the challenge of lifting moving boxes full of books!

Shothawk LLC is a first of its kind active shooting protection system, aimed to help prevent the loss of live in public schools and other mass people concentration events and bridge the gap for safety officials from the moment the incident begins to the moment they arrive on scene.

Snapshoe is a fully functioning and convertible woman’s style dress shoe with the main components consisting of convertible high heels, detachable toe pieces, and removable ankle straps in a wide variety of colors and models that represents a truly versatile and unique shoe.

Sportach is a sports stick that can change attachments for a hockey blade, golf driver head, or lacrosse stick net. This product will introduce kids to sports they would otherwise not be able to play giving them the choice to "attach what attracts."

Handy Balms is a sustainable version of traditional hand and body lotions. Our Balm is a solid formula lotion made from all-natural ingredients in 100% biodegradable packaging. Our product is better for you, better for the planet, and easier to use.

Bye Bye Beach is a brush that dispenses water absorbent cornstarch, you are able to quickly brush off! The product targets people that love spending time at the beach but hate the feeling on getting in the car after drying off and still having sand follow them home.

NamaSTAY is a home for everyone where yoga, tea, smoothies, pastries, and art can come together and form a welcoming environment where people can choose to attend yoga classes, stay for food and drink, appreciate and value local art, and listen to local music.

RPS Spraying is a drone chemical spraying service for farmers in Central Illinois. Recent advances in the drone industry are bringing more efficiency to spray small fields, pastures and test plots at a fraction of the cost of using airplanes and helicopters.

Definition; You Apparel is a clothing brand founded on three core principles… Philanthropy, Service, and Innovation. DY seeks to revolutionize the fashion industry by using artificial intelligence and integrated technology with & within apparel.

Kolo is a company that help incoming college freshmen by providing them peace of mind with their house furnishing needs through low cost pick-up & rental services. During the Trade Show, Kolo will offer free pick up services for senior students donating their furniture and appliances upon their graduation.

Healla is a corporate wellness program that aims to provide drug-free pain relief solutions to construction workers who suffer from musculoskeletal pain. The service is offered as an employee benefit through corporate wellness plan that aim to improve worker performance and reduce absenteeism due to health problems.

Change the Game is a non-profit organization dedicated to donating games/gaming consoles to kids from lower-income communities and teaching about the benefits of gaming. During the Trade Show, we will be accepting console donations.

Eastside Square Therapeutic Massage offers preventative health care workshops on health and wellness to the general public. The workshop empowers our clientele to be less dependent of expensive massage treatments.

Tapduc is an app that measures your heart rate to the music that matches the momentum of your workout. The app enhances your workout and motivates you to exercise. We currently have a beta-app in progress.

So Delish Edible Candles are edible birthday candles made of chocolate and beeswax wick that can be consumed after they melt into the cake. It’s safer and more eco-friendly than the wax candle. Also, our candle tastes better and is safer.

Find my Shelter app is linked to animal shelters nearby that notifies you when a new animal is brought in and one leaves. You can select favorites for any animal you saw on the shelters page in the app and you will get notified for updates.

2-Step-2-Sanitize is a shoe disinfector device that eliminates 99.99% of germs from the bottom and sides of shoes to prevent the spread of bacteria, especially in a hospital environment where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

Phoenix Frames are glasses frames that are put together with a modular connection, allowing them to be reassembled in case of an impact. They also feature many customization features including the lenses, arms, and front frames.

Endless Code  is a code-based learning platform that would offer many different ways to learn, study, and practice coding. It will help everyone become more connected and share lots of new and great ideas of code.

Carbon Light is the world's first carbon negative light beer to combat the effects of climate change. The carbon negative concept means the company will use sustainable and renewable energy to produce high quality beer.

Gavin's Greens brings nutritious, fresh, local produce to our surrounding community utilizing the efficient, environmentally friendly, and consistent cultivation of crops that is made possible by automated year-round indoor hydroponics farming.