Education & Workshops

Guided by our pillars, we're committed to fostering a rich learning environment for the Bradley University community. These workshops are designed to raise awareness and equip our students, faculty, and staff with actionable strategies for fostering inclusivity.

We want to hear from you! Feel free to request a meeting with one of our OCCC staff members to discuss your specific DEI needs.

Crucial Conversations Workshops

These high stakes conversations occur in a manner that produces genuine results.

“Let’s DEI-logue” Series

A dialogue series that promotes open dialogue and provide a forum for the Bradley community to give and share diverse perspectives on topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion/sense of belonging.

Safe Zone Workshops

Conducted by a trained Safe Zone facilitator from Peoria Proud, faculty, staff, and students can talk, learn, and ask questions about sexuality and gender in a non-judgmental, safe, educational environment.

“Strategies for Success in an Intercultural Classroom”

This workshop aims to empower faculty and staff to use cross-cultural and intercultural communication skills within the classroom and other institutional offices. Facilitator(s) will share resources and strategies to best support Bradley students.

“Implicit Bias Training”

This training will take a foundational approach to help faculty, staff and students do the following:
  • Define implicit bias and understand the research behind implicit bias;
  • Understand how implicit bias shows up in the context of higher education;
  • Hear examples of implicit bias;
  • Learn how to respond to someone’s implicit bias;
  • Identify multiple techniques to increase awareness and interpret your own implicit biases;
  • Define diversity, equity and inclusion.