Degree Audit Help

Understanding Your Degree Audit Report

Your Degree Audit Report (commonly referred to as your “u-Achieve”) is a comprehensive document that includes the academic curriculum for the major or minor in which you are enrolled.

Your transfer credits will appear on your u-Achieve once the credits have been evaluated and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. If you cannot locate transfer credits you expected to see on your u-Achieve, make sure you have sent your final transcripts from the institution where you took the class, then contact your academic advisor or the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

u-Achieve will show you…

  • the classes in which you are currently enrolled
  • the requirements for the General Education/Core Curriculum program
  • the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science graduation requirements
  • Bradley University graduation requirements
  • college graduation requirements
  • major or minor curriculum requirements
  • concentration curriculum requirements

u-Achieve will place classes that satisfy requirements within the appropriate area so that you can see which classes satisfied specific requirements. As soon as an entire category is satisfied, the “NO” that appears on the top row of text within a section will change to “OK.” As individual requirements are satisfied, the “-“ that precedes the requirement is replaced by a “+”. Courses in progress do not display as satisfied until the course is passed.

Different departments organize their u-Achieve audits in different ways. Some break down semester-by-semester recommendations of classes. Other departments simply list all classes needed to complete the program requirements. It is important to sequence your classes thoughtfully by ensuring you are enrolling in classes that serve as prerequisite requirements to future classes early on.

If your u-Achieve displays a class that you cannot locate in the catalog, you should consult with your academic advisor to determine if the class has been replaced or renamed.

Note: You can also create a hypothetical u-Achieve audit on any major or minor offered at Bradley University.