Prepare for Academic Advising

All colleges and departments coordinate advising appointments a little differently. It is likely that your advisor will be a different person than who advised you before you started at Bradley.

Advising Checklist – Before Your Advising Appointment

  1. Identify when you are able to register by logging into Webster, selecting the “Register, Add and Drop” tab, and clicking on the upcoming semester.
  2. Contact your academic advisor to schedule your appointment.
  3. Check your uAchieve Degree Audit in Webster to see a listing of classes you have already earned credit for and those which you will still need to take. Please refer to the following video tutorial on how to review and use u.Achieve.
  4. Determine any outstanding University, core curriculum and major requirements.
  5. Determine if any courses you plan to take have prerequisites that you have not yet completed. You may be taking these prerequisites at your current institution but you will need to inform your advisor of this so they may have their department provide you with a prerequisite override. If the course you are looking to register for is outside of your major department you will need to ask your advisor to contact that department so they may provide you with a prerequisite override. Course descriptions and prerequisites are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog and Schedule of ClassesYou can also log into Webster with your BUnetID and Password and click onto the "Check Prerequisites" tab, enter the term you are attempting to register for if it does not already appear and add each of the courses one by one to see if you will need a prerequisite overrride.
  6. Make a list of classes you would like to take next semester using Schedule Builder.  Make sure they align with the Schedule of Classes and the course offerings for next semester. Create at least two proposed schedules for the upcoming term, including alternate courses in case any of your preferred courses are closed/full at the time you register.
  7. Decide if you are comfortable with the classes you selected and the number of total credit hours.
  8. Develop a list of questions you need to ask your advisor about your program or the classes you will be taking.