Expo Info for Students

Welcome to the 2019 Student Scholarship Expo!

The Student Scholarship Expo is an annual, campus-wide celebration of your exemplary accomplishments in research, scholarship, and creative production. Please check back to this site often as we continually update information about this year's event.

Here are some tips for getting started now so that your presentation at Expo is competitive and noteworthy:

  1. Talk to your faculty mentor now about Expo and let him/her know you would like to present.
  2. Talk to those who presented last year. A full list of presenters, including award winners from your discipline area and college, are provided in the 2017 Student Scholarship Expo Program on the homepage.
  3. Click on the resources and links listed below to learn more about preparing and presenting a poster in your discipline area.
  4. Ask us any questions you may have about Expo by e-mailing us studentexpo@bradley.edu.

Student Resources & Links


Registration consists of 2 steps.

Step 1: Complete the registration form NO LATER THAN Friday, March 15.

Step 2: Students who register by March 15 will receive separate instructions on how to submit abstracts and verify final Expo entries. The abstract deadline will be Wednesday, April 3.

Register Now