Faculty/Staff Hardware Support

I. Purpose

Endpoint & Client Services provides on-campus repair for standard, supported computer equipment. Repair services, including parts and labor, are provided by Endpoint & Client Services for five years on most equipment as long as parts are available at a reasonable cost. There are some exceptions to this five-year support policy.

II. Procedures

  • If obsolete parts are available, or are only available at high cost, the user department may be required to purchase parts or replacement equipment. Often, replacing the equipment is a more cost-effective solution in these situations.
  • Laptops: Most laptops come with four-year standard warranty. Repairs not covered by warranty will be the responsibility of Endpoint & Client Services depending on the cost of the repair.
  • Printer repair: Departments will be responsible for repairs outside of the warranty period. Departments will be responsible for routine maintenance costs (parts only), and consumable items such as toner and ink cartridges.
    • Some low-end printers such as Inkjets and Deskjets are considered by the manufacturer to be "disposable" items, and in most cases will need to be replaced by user department rather than repaired.
    • Use of remanufactured/recycled toner cartridges is prohibited as it voids the manufacturer's warranty. User department will be responsible for repair/replacement costs if anything other than new toner is used.
  • Endpoint & Client Services reserves the right not to attempt repair on obsolete and/or non-supported systems. We recommend replacement of most equipment on a four or five year cycle wherever possible.

Please note: Repair services are only offered for Bradley-owned equipment purchased through campus computer sales. Other systems such as Sun computers and servers often have special support and/or maintenance agreements, which are separate from this document.

Student Computing

Students may call the Service Desk at x2964 for assistance. Students who bring their own computers to connect to the campus network are required to follow the guidelines set forth in the Virus Protection Policy.

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