Faculty/Staff Software Support

I. Purpose

Customer Support Services provides telephone and on-site help with operating system and supported application problems for Windows and Macintosh computers. Assistance with non-supported software may be provided in some cases as time and expertise permit.

II. Procedures

If a system problem requires that a computer be re-imaged, the user will be required to provide media (program on floppy disks or CD) for any non-supported software they wish to have re-installed on the computer. There is a $20 per application fee for installation of software.

Requests for hard-drive backup to removable media will be responded to as time permits, at a fee of $25 per CD-ROM disk copied. Purchase of a CD-RW is recommended for removable data storage.

System upgrades on existing computers (WinXP or Vista, for example) should only be requested when necessary. Upgrades are resource intensive, often taking several hours and requiring hardware upgrades. Requested upgrades are subject to a system review to determine eligibility. There is a minimum fee of $100 per system upgrade in addition to the software cost.

Student Computing

Students may call the Service Desk at x2964 for assistance. Students who bring their own computers to connect to the campus network are required to follow the guidelines set forth in the Virus Protection Policy.

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