1.01 IRT Operational Policy - Development, Approval and Implementation

I. Purpose

Operational Policies are necessary for IT to provide reliable, robust and secure services that provide the functionality needed by Bradley University. The purpose of this policy is to define the method by which these policies will be developed, reviewed, approved and implemented.

II. Description

Proposed IT Operational Policies will be developed by IT staff with input from those areas within the University most affected by the policy. It is the responsibility of IT staff developing policy to solicit input from other interested parties.

All IT Operational Policies will be documented on an IT policy website. The status of each policy will be defined on this website. Possible status categories are listed below.

  • Proposed
  • Under Review – comments requested
  • Approved
  • Emergency provisional implementation

IT will solicit comments regarding proposed policies from all known stakeholders. In addition, proposed policies will be sent to the Academic Council and Administrative Council.

Once all stakeholders have had the opportunity to comment, the policy is approved whether at the direction of the Provost or by approval of the Administrative Council.

III. Scope

This policy does not circumvent any policy or procedure defined in the Faculty Handbook or the Staff Handbook.

IV. Definitions

Operation Policies are those policies that are needed to allow and protect the reliable, robust and secure services by IT to Bradley University.

Date Approved      
Dates Revised      
12/6/2007 7/18/2014 7/5/2017  
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