4.04 Define Data Trustee, Steward, Custodian, and User

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to define the roles with responsibility for managing University data.

II. Description

The following roles identify persons who have access to Protected and/or Proprietary data.

Data Trustees

  • are members of the senior administration.
  • have oversight responsibility for the portion of data that is related to the university functions managed, administered or run by the units who report to the Data Trustee.
  • manage, protect, and ensure the integrity and usefulness of the data.
  • identify the sensitivity and criticality of data.
  • ensure appropriate business processes are in place.
  • designate Data Stewards.

Data Stewards

  • have primary responsibility for the accuracy, security, and privacy of a specific dataset. In some instances Data Stewards and Data Custodians may be the same individual.
  • are the dataset or subject matter expert.
  • implement data standards and monitor data quality.

Data Custodians

  • are responsible for managing the technology and security controls around the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. In some instances Data Custodians and Data Stewards may be the same individual.
  • provide secure infrastructure and processes, including recoverability of data.
  • control access rights.
  • implement data policies.

Data Users

  • participate in training. For new employees training must be taken before access is given to Protected Data. For existing employees training must be taken within 14 days of the training being assigned. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action.
  • follow policies and procedures for all Bradley data. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action.
  • notify supervisors, Data Stewards, and/or Data Custodians of data quality issues, security concerns, etc.

III. Scope

This policy pertains to all devices, physical storage, and cloud storage containing Bradley Univeristy data.

IV. Definitions

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