Learning Management System (LMS) Site Data Retention Policy

I. Purpose

Learning Management System (LMS) Site Data Retention Policy is a 72 month FIFO (First in First Out) policy that follows industry standards by eliminating stale data, helping to maintain performance/responsiveness of the LMS, and keeping costs associated with large amounts of data storage manageable.

II. Description

This 6-year retention of data will allow access to grades, student work, and course content for the entirety of that period, after which, the data will be expunged from the system. The policy only applies to term sites such as 19SP, 19RA, 14 FA etc. All project sites and sites that fall within the “Master” site classification or “Orientation” site classification fall outside of the scope of this policy. If you have questions regarding the policy or how you can keep/manage older data set to come off the system please email learn@bradley.edu.

III. Implementation

Implementation Date: October 10, 2019

First Terms Effected: 13SP and older

Scheduled Dates For Deletion: Semi-Annually on June 15th and December 15th.

Date Approved
May 2019
December 2020