University Technology Purchasing Policy

(This policy is effective immediately subject to review after six months)

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for purchasing computing, networking, and other technology equipment and software with University funds. This policy applies to all University employees and the purchase of all servers, network equipment, desktop and laptop computers, and technology for classroom or business use, regardless of the source of University funds. Further, all equipment and software purchased is the property of the University.

II. Description

It is the goal of Information Technology (IT) to assure equipment and software in use by the University community can be supported. IT has the primary responsibility for maintaining networks, desktop computers, servers, printers, peripherals, and classroom equipment, as well as to be certain that quality is maintained at reasonable costs.

All computers, software (excluding MSDN AA programs from Microsoft), and peripheral devices (listed at the end of the policy) which are attached to or used with a personal computer or laptop must be ordered only after consultation with the Computer Systems Consultant (Austen Meeks). All servers, network devices and related equipment must be ordered only after consultation with the Director of Networking, Comm & System Svcs (Rick Sander). Copiers, projection equipment, digital signage, audience response systems, cameras and the like, must be ordered only after consultation with the Executive Director of Instructional Technology, Engineering, and Media Services.

The review procedure for purchasing technology equipment and software is intended to provide:

  1. a centralized point of information about technology items
  2. a campus-wide inventory of hardware
  3. pricing advantages
  4. license compliance for software purchases
  5. hardware and software that can be supported or determination of such support

In order to coordinate and standardize on technology equipment and software purchases in a uniform and planned way, the following purchase procedure is to be used:

  1. University credit cards (procurement and travel) are not to be used for these purchases unless specifically authorized by one of the above mentioned individuals.
  2. Requisition is prepared by and approved as appropriate by the department/dean/director/vice president. Justification (business purpose) for the purchase must be indicated on the requisition.
  3. Requisition must be submitted to the appropriate IT staff member (see paragraph three above) based upon the item requisitioned.
  4. Requisition is initialed by the appropriate IT staff and sent to the Controller’s office for review of availability of funds and adherence to any restricted account requirements for final processing (either through Campus Computer Sales or any other vendor as approved)
  5. Purchase orders are prepared and the item is ordered if within the departmental budget constraints.

Please note that all full-time tenure-track faculty are assigned a laptop for educational purposes and are placed on a 4-year replacement cycle. These purchases are the responsibility of IT.

Contact Information

Computer Systems Consultant: Austen Meeks ext. 3044
Director of Networking, Comm & System Svcs: Rick Sander ext. 3660
Deputy CIO * Executive Director Learning Design & Technology: Barbra Kerns ext. 2332

Effective date: July 1 2023

Peripheral Devices subject to the policy but not limited to:

  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • USB and Networking Cables
  • Flash Drives
  • Kindles
  • iPads
  • Any other small technical device

*Consumable Supplies

  • DVDs
  • Batteries
  • Toner cartridges
  • Ink cartridges

*Consumable supplies purchases are not subject to this policy; however, Campus Computer Sales may be more cost effective.

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