Phone Dialing and Features

Local Calling

Beginning October 24th the University will be required to dial 1 309 XXX XXXX to make local calls. This is in compliance with FCC Order FCC 20-100. In area codes (309) where 899 is an assigned working prefix. This change is to ensure users can dial the 3 digit 988 number to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

In order to make a local call from campus you will need to dial 9+1+309+XXX+XXXX. Dial 9 to gain outside access then 1 plus the 10-digit number.

Many stations on campus have “speed dial” buttons on the phone or abbreviated dialing lists. If these are local numbers, the number will need to be modified to incorporate the 1309 prior to the XXX XXXX dialed number.

If you need assistance reprogramming your "speed dial" numbers or abbreviated dialing lists please call 2964 and open a work ticket.

Call Type Procedure Example
Bradley operator Dial 0 0
On campus calls Dial last 4 digits of 677-xxxx 3826
From off campus* Dial 1-309-677-xxxx 677-3826
From off campus** Dial 1-309-495-xxxx 495-7123
To off campus 9-1-309-number 9-1-309-673-7272

* The 677 prefix includes extensions 1000 - 4199 and 4260 - 4999 and is located on the main campus.

** The 495 prefix includes extensions 7000 - 7999 and is for the St. James Place Complex.

Long Distance Calling

Most offices have direct dial long distance and do not require a calling code. Simply dial the long distance number direct. If you hear three tones after dialing, you need to use a calling code. Dial the code after the long distance number. If you need a Calling Code, call 677-3052 or stop by our office.

Call Type Procedure Example
Long Distance 9-1-area code and number 9-1-555-1212
International 9-011-Country Code-City Code-Number 9-011-65-2222-1111

Free Services

Call Waiting

Alerts you if you receive a call while on the line with another caller. You will hear a beep while on the phone, indicating another call on the line.

Answering Call Waiting

Press the switchhook momentarily (or the FLASH button). You will hear three short tones, then dial tone. This means your first call is now on hold. Dial 606 to answer the second call.

Return To The First Call

Press the switchhook momentarily (or the FLASH button). After the three short tones, dial 606. You can switch back and forth between callers using the 606 code.

Disable Call Waiting

If call waiting is disrupting your modem connections, you can disable the feature by dialing 613 first. Call waiting will remain disabled until your next call.

Other Call Types

Toll Free Calls

Dial 9-1-toll-free number.

900 Numbers

1-900 numbers cannot be dialed from campus phones.

Calling Card Calls

Dial 9-0-area code and number. Listen for audible prompt, then dial the credit card number.

Collect Calls

Dial 9-0-area code and; number. Wait for an operator and ask to make a collect call. Note: Bradley phones cannot accept incoming collect calls.

Third Party Billing

Dial 9-0-area code and number. Wait for an operator and ask to bill the call to a third party. After verifying with the third party, the phone company will bill the call directly to them.

Advanced Functions

Abbreviated Dialing: Abbreviated Dialing is similar to Speed Dialing. Where available, a personal list of up to 10 phone numbers can be programmed by dialing *01, then a number 0-9, then the phone number. Dial pound (#) to end programming. To dial an Abbreviated Dial number, dial *7, then the number 0-9 for that phone number.

Auto Answer: Auto Answer is available only on the Lucent model 8110. When activated, the phone will automatically turn on the speakerphone after one ring. It will then beep to indicate you can speak to the caller.

Automatic Callback: Automatic Callback allows you to easily call another user who is often on the phone. If you call someone and get a busy signal, you can have Automatic Callback notify you when the call is completed. Simply hang up, and your phone will give a special ring when the other person is off the line. When you answer, it will automatically dial the user's extension.

Call Coverage: Call Coverage allows users in the same group to answer each-other's ringing extensions. Call x3052 for more information if you need this feature.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding temporarily forwards all your calls to another extension. Use when you will be away from your telephone and you want your calls to be forwarded to a telephone number of your choice. To use, dial *2, followed by the extension to which you want your calls to be forwarded. To cancel send all calls when you return, dial #2 from your extension.

Call Pickup: Call Pickup allows you to take an incoming call from another user in your pickup group. To use, dial #4 during an incoming call to the other user.

Call Waiting (analog phones only): When you are busy on a call, sends a distinctive tone to notify you of another incoming call. This allows you to complete or hold your present call and pick up the waiting call. It will save you from missing calls, and your waiting caller from having to call back later. To use, when you hear the beep indicating an incoming call, press "Flash" or hit the switchhook for a short moment. You will hear a burst of tone, followed by a dial tone. Dial 606 to connect to the second caller.

Conference/Three-Way Calling: Allows you to add a third party to a call, so that you can conduct a three-way conversation.

Directory (display phones only): Searches for the extension of another user in your location by allowing you to key in the user's name with the dial pad. Use as a handy quick reference source for extension number information.

Inspect (display phones only): Shows you call-related information for an incoming call when you are already active on a call. To use, press the button labeled 'Inspect'

Redial: On phones that do not have a redial feature, dial 659 to redial the last number dialed.

Send All Calls: Temporarily sends all incoming calls to Audix or to the extension of a person designated to answer your calls when you cannot (perhaps a secretary or receptionist). To activate, dial *3 and hang up. To deactivate, dial #3.

Speakerphone: Some phones provided by our offices are equipped with speakerphones. They are the 8110M, 8410B, 8410D, and 8434DX models. To activate or deactivate the speakerphone on these units, press the button labeled "Speaker".

Transfer: Transfer allows you to send a call to another extension. There are two basic procedures to transfer:

  • To transfer using an analog phone, press the Flash button (or flash the switchhook) and dial the extension you want to transfer to, then hang up.
  • To transfer using a digital phone, press 'Transfer', dial the extension to which you want to transfer, press 'Transfer' again, and hang up.