Faculty and Staff Services

Bradley offices have a variety of services and equipment available to them. If you seek something specific that is not listed below, contact the Service Desk at x2964. To place an order, please call the Service Desk at extension 2964 and send a requisition for the proper amount to the Telecommunications office.

Moves, Adds, and Changes

Please call the Service Desk at x2964 to create a work order for any moves, additions, or changes. We may need to do a survey of the service location. Some tasks are performed at no charge, but please consult the price estimates listed below. A requisition will be necessary for all billable work.

Item/Service Requested Estimated Cost* Typical Lead Time**
New Phone Line (digital or analog) $100 5 days
New Standard Phone with message light - 2500YMGM $50 5 days
Multi-Line Phone with small display - 8410D $120 5 days
Multi-Line Phone with large display - 8434DX $150 5 days
Move an existing line to another jack $40 5 days
Run wire and install new jack $275 5 days
Install new jack on pre-run wire $150 10 days

* Prices are subject to change, please call to verify current prices.
** Please notify our offices at least this many days in advance of your desired completion date to avoid delays.