Phone Policies and Documentation

Telephone Wiring and Equipment

Bradley makes its telecommunications equipment and systems available for use by campus students and employees in the conduct of their normal business and personal affairs. Strictly commercial use is prohibited. Bills for services normally charged to employees and students are their responsibility to pay. Please report missing or damaged telephone equipment to our office immediately.

Don't modify wiring or equipment; Bradley has standard plans that let us support all campus phones efficiently. Call us at x2964 if you have special needs. If you damage equipment or rewire your outlet, you will be charged for repairs to restore everything to its original condition. Repair charges can be expensive. Avoid them.

Services from Outside Phone Companies

Some services and equipment from non-Bradley vendors are not compatible with campus phones and lines. If you wish to add something to your campus phone from another telephone company, please call us in advance. We may be able to help. You may not use Bradley's address or any of its phone numbers to contract for outside phone services. Bradley has blocks on its lines that prevent unauthorized changes or charges. Be sure to use your permanent home address for any company bills. Bradley cannot be responsible for any services offered by third parties.

Misuse of Telephones

Obscene, abusive, threatening or harassing calls may be penalized by a jail term of up to six months and/or a $500 fine. Calls of this type should be reported to Bradley Police at x2000 for investigation, discipline or prosecution.