Computer Refresh Program FAQS

What is the Computer Refresh Program and why is it necessary?

The Computer Refresh Program provides university staff and faculty with current computing technology. The program furnishes a routine refresh of computers, allowing employees to fulfill their work responsibilities. It also permits classroom and lab computers to be reliable tools to support the educational mission of the institution.

When is my computer being replaced?

The rollout of new machines begins June 2021. Approximately 80 computers will be replaced in the initial rollout. In future years, that number will increase. Once the program is fully established, laptops will be replaced every four years and desktop computers will be replaced every five years.

What will happen to the old computer?

Each employee is required to turn in the existing computer in order to receive a new one.

How often will computers be replaced?

Computers in the Program will be replaced once they reach their four-year (laptop) or 5-year (desktop) end-of-life.

What if I need more memory or a larger hard drive?

Purchases are subject to the university’s standard computer specifications. Deviation from the standard will require approval by IT and may require budgetary assistance from the ordering department.

Who is eligible for the program?

Existing Faculty and Staff

Existing full-time faculty or staff members with a primary computer more than four years (laptop) or five years (desktop) old will be placed on a computer replacement list for review.

Newly Created Positions

Newly created full-time positions are eligible to receive one new computer when the new hire arrives on campus. Computers for positions will be ordered and deployed after a supervisor fills out the Employee Technology Request Form as part of the hiring process. Funds for the purchase of the computer will need to be identified as part of the position hire.

New Hires into Existing Positions

When a position is vacated, any computer and associated equipment assigned to that vacating individual will be returned to IT so the technology can be prepared for the next user. When a new hire fills a vacated position, the new hire will assume the technology used for that position.

What is not included in the scope of the Computer Refresh Program?

Retired Faculty

Retired faculty who continue to teach may keep the assigned university computer, but it will only remain in the replacement cycle with the approval of the provost. The computer must be returned to IT if the retired faculty member is no longer teaching.

Part-time and Affiliate Faculty

Part-time and affiliate faculty members generally are not included in this computer refresh program. There are laptop computers available for checkout through the IT Service Desk.

Student Employees

With the exception of the computers used by student employees at the Service Desk, computers currently on campus specifically for student employee computers will not be replaced as part of this program. A computer can be requested for student employee positions if it is needed. If available, a computer will be provided that is operable with supported operating systems and software, but will not be included in the Computer Refresh Program as defined.

IT Hardware Purchased with Grant Funds or One-time Project Funds

Computer hardware initially acquired with grant or one-time project funds will not be replaced as part of this program without provost approval. Once the computer operating system is no longer supported, the equipment will be removed from the network.

Specialized Lab Computers

Labs requiring specialized computers may be excluded from the Computer Refresh Program; each is subject to review.


Any other computers on campus in use for any purpose other than those identified above are not included in the current scope of the program. This includes secondary computers, kiosk computers, digital signage and personally-owned computers.