Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Students of the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation should expect to be actively engaged in learning new skills, and by graduation will have had the advantage of having practiced them as well, thus equipping them with the skills needed to become the leading innovators of tomorrow. These skills include:

  • Action oriented business planning
  • Commercializing new ideas
  • Engaging in entrepreneurial social enterprises
  • Networking
  • Launching new products or services in existing firms
  • Recognizing and evaluating opportunities
  • Starting a business
  • Seeking financing
  • Evaluating the market and financial feasibility of innovations
  • Pitching new ideas
  • Pursuing new ideas with scarce resources

Through the minor in entrepreneurship and innovation or a transcript distinction from the Entrepreneurial Scholar Program, the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation seeks to ensure an academically rich environment for Bradley students in which to build the necessary skill sets for future entrepreneurial success. With entrepreneurial internships, mentoring connections, pitch competitions, the student club Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (C.E.O), Social Impact Challenge, Big Idea student-venture competition and many more opportunities and resources, the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is dedicated to providing students with the right tools for success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Four Pillars of Entrepreneurship



At the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, discovery is in our DNA. Whether it’s honing an oral presentation, conducting a market feasibility review or understanding how to assess business risks, you’ll learn real-world skills — the kind employers want — by doing them. It all happens in a collaborative atmosphere on a campus founded by one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in America, Lydia Moss Bradley. Discover how entrepreneurship and innovation can fuel the passion for your success.



From day one, you’ll immerse yourself in Bradley’s entrepreneurial culture. Share your enthusiasm with students from across campus through multiple entrepreneurial clubs and organizations, all supported by the Turner School. Add an entrepreneurial internship, and you won’t have to settle for being a spectator.



We’ll help you develop solutions to today’s challenging problems with our three-part process: Dream it, Design it and Develop it. Watch your ideas become reality in our Brave Pitch or Big Idea competitions. Wherever your imagination takes you, we’ll provide the resources and support to make your ideas bigger, better and ultimately, successful.



Instead of feeling like you’re going it alone, at the Turner School you’ll connect with entrepreneurs, leaders and experts — like UGG founder Brian Smith or Redbox founder Michael DeLazzer — every step of the way. You’ll become part of our entrepreneurial ecosystem while you pursue your innovative ideas and passions. Build your business network from across campus, the community or around the world, all with our support. We’ll help you develop your potential, so students who follow in your footsteps will be able to learn from your future success.