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Grades 4 and 5

For students entering 4th & 5th grades. Students may take one, two or three classes.

8:00 a.m. Class 1401 – Let’s Get Creative Boot Camp (Carolyn Sutton)

This is a creative thinking Boot Camp with a focus in STEM. We will work on 21st century skill building like teamwork, creative problem solving, and communication. Each day kids will complete small creativity training and communication challenges before working cooperatively on larger STEM challenges.

8:00 a.m. Class 1402 – Codebreaking and Cryptology (Kara Girsch)

Cryptology gives us practice in all kinds of secret communication. From codes and cyphers of cryptography, to invisible ink and hiding messages in cover text, we will try to keep messages from being noticed or understood by unauthorized eyes. Of course intercepting and decoding others’ secrets is also part of the mission of the class. Codes surround us in everyday life; an abbreviation we use when we text each other is just one great example. If you have a knack for words, a creative mind, and a need to communicate in secret (or to find out other people’s secrets), this is the class for you.

10:15 a.m. Class 1403 – The Science Behind Superpowers (Evan Moore)

Have you ever wondered how the Flash can run so fast? What about how strong Superman's muscles must be? Just how much money DOES Batman have, and can Iron Man's suit really stand up to bullets and rockets? Everyone probably wonders about the super- serum that gave Captain America his height and strength. All of these answers and more will be addressed with this class, the science behind superheroes! Put on your supersuit and get ready to dive into the science behind your favorite villain chasers!

10:15 a.m. Class 1404 – Vive la France (Kara Girsch)

Ooh là là! Parlez-vous français? No need to know French, you can join this class, and together we will become Francophiles and explore all things France. Throughout the week, we’ll be completely immersed in French culture and language, take an adventure on the Métro, learn about the Louvre, the Cathédrale de Notre Dame and of course eat the best known of all French, not escargot - une crêpe! Be prepared for a week of French-tastic fun!

1:30 p.m. Class 1405 – It’s All in Me (Carolyn Sutton)

In this class we will take an inside look at the human body, and learn about each of the body’s major systems. We will learn about the circulatory and respiratory system and how they work together, build working models of a heart and lung, and make maps of ourselves from a model of a cell to a life size map of our major systems. Find out more about what’s inside you!

1:30 p.m. Class 1406 – Fairies, Felonies, and the Fowl! (Laura Doggett)

The game is afoot! Students will level up their gamification skills by creating a new game based on the stories of Artemis Fowl. We’ll explore the characters in depth with a cyberhunt, learn to send messages in Gnommish via a decoder, use our critical thinking skills to redesign the rescue mission and even create new creatures to add to the Book of the People.