Civil Engineering and Construction

Civil and construction engineers build roads, transportation systems, water supplies and other infrastructure needs to keep people safe at work, play and travel. Bradley’s undergraduate and graduate CEC degrees prepare you to be a thorough problem-solver who can adapt technical knowledge to any situation. Civil engineering introduces you to sustainability concerns and a diverse sampling of infrastructure engineering principles. Construction blends engineering, business and management knowledge.

The three programs value technical knowledge, leadership and research. You’re introduced to state-of-the-art labs as a first-year student, and you continue working on projects in preparation for your senior design project. Leadership development opportunities are available through management courses and student organizations within the college. Additionally, you can tailor your degree to career interests by taking courses in internationalization, sustainability or infrastructure. You also can continue your education with a M.S. in civil engineering, which offers tracks in construction management, structural engineering and geo-environmental engineering.

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