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Bring your ideas to life in a top-ranked animation program. Study various styles of animation from hand-drawn to 3D characters and environments. The skills you learn here will help start your career in animation, design, special effects, entertainment, movies, commercials, and more.

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Game Design

Without game design, there would be no Master Chief, Junkrat, Mario or Zelda. Game designers dream up the world in which the game takes place and create the game rules that drive all the fun. Our game design majors not only learn how to come up with great ideas, but also how to realize them by through scripting, game prototyping, and the game development process.

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User Experience Design

User experience (UX) design focuses on producers’ and end users’ interaction with virtual or physical systems. People in the field use the art and science of design to ensure systems meet users’ needs and goals, including the importance of physical and emotional reactions in the process.

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